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Ensign, February 2010

As you read the February issue, consider the power of gospel ordinances in our lives. Find ways to make the ordinance of the sacrament more meaningful in "'This Do in Remembrance of Me.'" Learn more about the temple and its importance in our lives in "Looking toward the Temple." Hear about the difference the temple made for one family in "The Promise of the Temple."

Also, look for ways to improve yourself in "Grow Up unto the Lord," "Learning to Love Learning," and "'That They May Grow Up in Thee': Markers of Adulthood for Young Singles."

What Does the Ensign Mean to You?

Hear members talk about what it means to them and get a peek at some of the magazine's new features. Then tell us what you think.

First Presidency Christmas Devotional

The First Presidency Christmas Devotional was held on Sunday, December 6, 2009. If you were unable to watch it, the text is now available online in English. Video is also available in many languages online.

Do You Have a Story to Tell?

The Ensign welcomes submissions that show the gospel of Jesus Christ at work in your life. Check out this list for more information about what and how to contribute.

Monthly Messages

* First Presidency Message (Feb.)
* Visiting Teaching Message (Feb.)

* First Presidency Message (Jan.)
* Visiting Teaching Message (Jan.)

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