How Dear to God Are Little Children
Appropriate for Leaders


35395, Children's Songbook, The Gospel, How Dear to God Are Little Children, 180-81

1. How dear to God are little children;
With him their spirit life began.
So priceless their security,
Their innocence and purity;
They are a part of his eternal plan.

2. To earthly parents God sends children
To guide and teach, protect and love.
Oh, let us keep the sacred trust
That he has placed with each of us
And help to guide them back to God above.
How dear to God are little children.

Words: Jaclyn Thomas Milne, b. 1949. © 1989 IRI

Music: Carol Baker Black, b. 1951. © 1989 IRI

Matthew 18:14

Matthew 19:13-14

3 Nephi 17:21-25

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