Feliz Cumpleaños


35395, Children's Songbook, Fun and Activity, Feliz Cumpleaños, 282

1. "Feliz Cumpleaños," (fay-lees coom-play-ahn-yos)
That's how they say it in Spain.
"Fröhlicher Geburtstag," (frer-li-sher guh-burts-tahk)
In German it means the same.
"Gratulerer med dagen," (grah-too-lay-rare med dog-en)
Norwegians say it too.

But any way you say it,
It means "Happy Birthday to you!"

2. They say in Samoa,
"Manuia lou aso fanau." (mah-noo-ee-yah low ah-so fah-now)
"Tanjobi omedeto," (tahn-joe-bee oh-meh-deh-toe)
The Japanese say, and bow.
"Saengilul ch'ukhahamnida," (sang-ill-ool chewk-ha-hahm-nee-dah)
Koreans say it too.

Words and music: Maurine Benson Ozment, b. 1932. © 1969, 1989 IRI

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