Family History-I Am Doing It


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1. Fam'ly history-I am doing it,
My fam'ly history.
And the love I feel when I'm doing it
Is very sweet to me.
I learn stories of my progenitors;
I write their history.
I keep records of my loved ones
On my own fam'ly tree.

2. Fam'ly living now and the ones who've died
Can all be sealed to me,
And someday I'll meet ev'ry one of them,
I'm sure as I can be.
Oh what joy we'll have when they say to me,
"We're all a family.
I am yours and you are mine now,
Through all eternity."

Words and music: Jeanne P. Lawler, b. 1924. © 1982 IRI; revised

Moses 6:5-8

Abraham 1:31

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