Guide Us, O Thou Great Jehovah


31243, Hymns, Guide Us, O Thou Great Jehovah, no. 83

1. Guide us, O thou great Jehovah,
Guide us to the promised land.
We are weak, but thou art able;
Hold us with thy pow'rful hand.
Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit,
Feed us till the Savior comes, [Alto and Tenor: Savior comes.]
Feed us till the Savior comes.

2. Open, Jesus, Zion's fountains;
Let her richest blessings come.
Let the fiery, cloudy pillar
Guard us to this holy home.
Great Redeemer, Great Redeemer,
Bring, oh, bring the welcome day, [Alto and Tenor: welcome day!]
Bring, oh, bring the welcome day!

3. When the earth begins to tremble,
Bid our fearful thoughts be still;
When thy judgments spread destruction,
Keep us safe on Zion's hill,
Singing praises, Singing praises,
Songs of glory unto thee, [Alto and Tenor: unto thee,]
Songs of glory unto thee.

Text: William Williams, 1717-1791. First verse trans. by Peter Williams, 1722-1796. Included in the first LDS hymnbook, 1835.

Music: John Hughes, 1873-1932

Exodus 13:21-22

D&C 45:57

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