We'll Sing All Hail to Jesus' Name


31243, Hymns, We'll Sing All Hail to Jesus' Name, no. 182

1. We'll sing all hail to Jesus' name,
And praise and honor give
To him who bled on Calvary's hill
And died that we might live.

2. He passed the portals of the grave;
Salvation was his song;
He called upon the sin-bound soul
To join the heav'nly throng.

3. He seized the keys of death and hell
And bruised the serpent's head;
He bid the prison doors unfold,
The grave yield up her dead.

4. The bread and water represent
His sacrifice for sin;
Ye Saints, partake and testify
Ye do remember him.

Text: Richard Alldridge, 1815-1896

Music: Joseph Coslett, 1850-1910

2 Nephi 9:5, 10-12

Moses 4:20-21

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