Like Ten Thousand Legions Marching


31243, Hymns, Like Ten Thousand Legions Marching, no. 253

1. Like ten thousand legions marching
Moves a mighty band of youth,
Boldly taking to all people
Zion's glorious song of truth.

2. Out of ev'ry nation surging-
Sons of Joseph, Israel's band-
Now they spread salvation's message
In the tongues of ev'ry land.

3. Far across the mighty waters,
Reaching ev'ry waiting shore,
Seed of Abraham and Jacob
Like a mighty lion roar.

4. Come, ye nations, out of darkness;
'Tis the time of Christ's return.
Heed the Restoration's message;
Let its light within you burn.

Text: Jean L. Kaberry, 1918-1997. © 1985 IRI

Music: Robert P. Manookin, 1918-1997. © 1985 IRI

D&C 39:17-24

D&C 133:7-10

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