The Priesthood of Our Lord


31243, Hymns, The Priesthood of Our Lord, no. 320

1. Brethren, pow'r by earthly standards
Comes by rank or wealth or sword;
But the pow'r above all others
Is the priesthood of our Lord.

2. It is ours, the total armor-
Priesthood held by Christ, our Lord-
If, as brethren, we are worthy
Of the Spirit's whispered word.

3. Let us venture forth in freedom
With the priesthood as our guide-
Deacons, teachers, priests, and elders,
Seeking virtue side by side.

Text and music: John Craven, b. 1929. © 1985 IRI

May be sung without accompaniment as a round in unison by beginning every two measures.

D&C 121:34-46

D&C 107:1-4

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