Timothy J. "Tim" Riker

9637 Garden Glen Road
South Jordan, Utah 84095-2802
e-mail: Tim@Rikers.org, TimR@Debian.org
web: http://Rikers.org/

Career Objective:

Seeking senior position in new technology development, combining project leadership, programming, system design and administration with innovative abilities. Should include a flexible environment with creative latitude and appreciation of individual attainment. Particular interests include Linux, OpenSource, Android, embedded systems, clustering, Storage Area Networks, full text search engines, networking, and data compression.

Special Note:

If you are a recruiter reading this, please don't send me an email asking me if I'm interested in a web server administration position. I'm probably not interested in anything under $130k/yr. For other areas of the country please convert from Salt Lake City, Utah to local cost of living. Also, please don't email me asking for a copy of my resume in Microsoft Word format. This tells me two things: you are unable to cut and paste this version of the document and therefore unlikely to be a skilled recruiter; the position you are trying to fill is likely constrained by the restrictions of a Microsoft only environment. In either case I am probably not interested in talking with you further. No offense intended, just the realities of the business world. Thanx!




Maintainer: BZFlag, an Open Source, OpenGL, multiplayer, multiplatform, BattleZone capture the flag game.
Member: Debian GNU/Linux development team.
Project Lead: TuxScreen web phone.
Other projects: Infobot (was blootbot), buildroot, BusyBox, uClibc, SecondLife, OpenSim, etc.



January 2011-Present - Principal Software Engineer The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint, Riverton, UT
July 2009-Present - Chief Technology Officer Saygus, Inc., South Jordan, UT
June 2005-July 2009 - Sr. Software Engineer FamilySearch, Salt Lake City, UT
March 2003-June 2005 - Sr. Linux Technologist Texas Instruments, Inc., Dallas, TX
May 2001-Present - Embedded Linux Consultant Guru Group, LLC, South Jordan, UT
October 2000-December 2002 - Principal Engineer, Chief Technology Officer Lineo, Inc., Lindon, UT
June 1999-September 2000 - Senior Engineer - New Platforms team lead, Caldera, Inc., Orem, UT
September 1998-April 1999 - Vice President of Technology, WordCruncher, Draper, UT
June 1993-September 1998 - Software Engineer, SilverPlatter Information, Inc., Norwood, MA
Sep 1992-May 1993 - Vice President of Development, ProCD Inc., Marblehead, MA
Feb 1989-Aug 1992 - Software Engineer, SilverPlatter Information, Inc., Norwood, Massachusetts
Apr 1988-Nov 1988 - Vice President of Development, TriTech Software, Inc., Orem, Utah
Aug 1987-Apr 1988 - Systems Consultant and Salesman, ICS Computers, Provo, Utah


Brigham Young University, Provo Utah - Computer Science, Physics and Math.
Monroe Community College, Rochester, New York - Pascal & Program Design, COBOL