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Tim Rikersilicon Did you expect something else here? Perhaps http://www.eLinux.org/ or http://www.BZFlag.org/ or http://TuxScreen.SourceForge.net/ would work better for you?

I did a bit of research on the first computer I ever worked on. As best I can tell it was an HP-2114B model.

Perhaps you have Brain Power to Spare?

See the Riker Gallery or the pages for Henry Lyon Riker and Cameron Hains Riker.

Welcome to my little piece of the net. One of my popular projects was the TuxScreen WebPhone, a StrongARM based phone with a 640x480x8 touchscreen. I was selling them for $99 but they are gone now.

I worked with the group that does FamilySearch.org. I was involved in Genesis Credit and I work for Saygus.

I was a Senior Linux Technologist at Texas Instruments in the Educational and Productivity Solutions division. This is the same group that makes calculators like the current TI-84 Plus Silver Edition and TI-89 Titanium.

I was the CTO at Lineo till they were swallowed up by Metrowerks who was swallowed up by Freescale, who was swallowed up by NXP...

I worked for Caldera back in June of 1999. They announced the aquisition of SCO. In someone's infinite wisdom I was part of the layoffs. One of the projects I did there was to release the iBCS rpms as mentioned at Groklaw

I no longer work for WordCruncher but neither does anyone else. WordCruncher / Logio / Spyhop / PWebWorks / whatever requested that I refrain from any comment.

I used to have a bunch of links to other places here, but I thought it might be easier just to let you see my bookmarks but then I never get around to updating them. I grew up in Rochester, NY. Here's my (basic) resume if you're really interested. You may want to read my LinkedIn profile as well.

I had a virtual office on Diversity University. It's dead now.

You can message me on ICQ. You will often find me online as TimRiker on #BZFlag on Libra Chat or irc.libra.chat. Learn more about IRC on IRChelp.org.

My ex-wife and I took a trip to England and France and someday I might put up some other pictures of the trip.

My ex-wife and I took a trip to Hawaii. Looks like you get to see these first. (Right Mahana, you ugly?)

I have a number of versions of the Rikert Rykert Riker Family History my dad is working on. Here is the latest PDF. For reference here is an old version I was working on. Neil Lennertz sent me a different version.

Here is the 1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Convertible I used to own. See what my other car looked like under the hood. Of course there are other vehicles I'd like to own, like a Monster Miata for example. I used to own a 1997 BMW Z3.

User's with local accounts should use Mail.Rikers.org to check email.

Just for fun

Keri and Tim Riker
My ex-wife and me.
Alan Riker
My first brother with a web page!
Jan and Matt Davis
My Sister and Brother In-law
Marty & Gloria Riker
My Brother and Sister In-law
Some research about the book Riker of the Seven Seas by Frederic H. Riker

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Browse LDS Materials, download lds.tgz, lds.zip or lds.pdb for use offline. These are un-authorized conversions from various LDS websites using lds-get and my timriker.tgz layout information. The HTML is simpler, scripts and images have been removed to make them smaller and make them more usable on embedded web browsers.

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