September 2004

Volume 34, Number 9

Ensign, Sept. 2004
[illustration] Cover: Alma, Arise, by Walter Rane, may not be copied.

[illustration] Inside front cover: Joseph Receiving the Plates from Angel Moroni, by Tom Holdman. (From the Hill Cumorah Visitors' Center, may not be copied.)

[illustration] Inside back cover: Come into the Fold of God, by Walter Rane. (From By the Hand of Mormon, © Walter Rane, may not be copied.)


First Presidency Message: In Opposition to Evil
President Gordon B. Hinckley

Light and Growth
Elder Lynn A. Mickelsen

Elder Neal Ash Maxwell: A Promise Fulfilled

We Must Raise Our Sights
Elder Henry B. Eyring

Couple Missionaries: Going the Second Mile
LaRene Porter Gaunt

Called to Serve
Coleen K. Menlove

Teaching as the Savior Taught
Elder Walter F. González

Book of Mormon Principles: Turning the Other Cheek
Elder James Dunlop

Book of Mormon Principles: Shunning Satan's Snares
Elder Joseph T. Hicken

Finding Freedom
Name Withheld

Feast upon the Words of Christ
Elder Spencer J. Condie

Putting Family First in Ukraine
Marina Mikhailovskaya and Benjamin Gaines

The Link in the Chain
Eva Fry

Family Home Evening Suggestion Box

The Unexpected Lesson
Marian Pond

Compassion for Those Who Struggle
Name Withheld

Questions and Answers: How can I develop better relationships with my non-LDS neighbors?

Latter-day Saint Voices

Visiting Teaching Message: Feeling the Love of the Lord through Generosity

Random Sampler

News of the Church

Making the Most of This Issue

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