October 2004

Volume 34, Number 10

Ensign, Oct. 2004
[photos] Front cover: Photograph by Robert Casey; back cover: Photograph by Jed Clark

[illustration] Inside front cover: Handcart Rescue, by Glen Hopkinson. Eight handcart companies crossed the plains safely between 1856 and 1860. However, the heavy snows of October 1856 stranded two handcart companies on the plains of Wyoming. Hardy Saints from Salt Lake Valley rescued these pioneers but not before more than two hundred had died of exposure.


First Presidency Message: Teaching Our Children
President Thomas S. Monson

Elder David Bruce Haight: Devoted Disciple

Raising a Child with a Disability
Marleen S. Williams

Preparing Your Future Missionary
S. Brent Scharman

You Taught Me
Vinita R. Greer

These Are Your Days
Elder Neal A. Maxwell

Establishing Eternal Patterns
Elder Earl C. Tingey

Book of Mormon Principles: The Compassion of Christ
Kathleen H. Hughes

The Only Survivor
Joeli Kalougata

Gospel Classics: Miracles
Elder Matthew Cowley

Signs and Blessings
Dennis Williams

Taming the Debt Dragon

Sowing Seeds, Sharing Blessings
Jan Pinborough

What May I Do to Help?
Marilynne T. Linford

Book of Mormon Principles: The Gathering of the Lord's Faithful
Elder Douglas L. Callister

Latter-day Saint Voices

Random Sampler

Parents with Different Standards

Visiting Teaching Message: Feeling the Love of the Lord through Humility

News of the Church

Making the Most of This Issue

Strengthening the Family: What Is a Family?

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