January 2005

Volume 35, Number 1

Ensign, Jan. 2005
[illustration] Cover: If Any of You Lack Wisdom, by Walter Rane

[illustration] Inside front cover: The Good Samaritan, by Meridene Grant. May not be copied.

[illustration] Inside back cover: Windows of Heaven, by David Lindsley. May not be copied. Portrayed in a scene likely in fall 1835, the Prophet Joseph Smith (center) assists Joseph and Brigham Young (top) with window installation in the Kirtland Temple, the first of the latter-day temples. Oliver Cowdery (left) and Sidney Rigdon (right) assisted in the temple's preparations.


First Presidency Message: Pursue the Steady Course
President Gordon B. Hinckley

Allegiance to God
Elder D. Todd Christofferson

The First Vision: Searching for the Truth
Ronald O. Barney

Doctrine and Covenants Times at a Glance, Chart 1: Sections 1-64

Gospel Classics: The Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants
President Ezra Taft Benson

Messages from the Doctrine and Covenants: Broken Car, Broken Dreams?
Elder Clate W. Mask Jr.

Confidence and Self-Worth
Elder Glenn L. Pace

Singular Happiness
My Classroom Kimberly D. Nelson
A Different Path Rebecca M. Taylor

David O. McKay: Ambassador of the Faith
Wade Murdock

S. Michael Wilcox

Strengthening the Family: Created in the Image of God, Male and Female

Falling Out of Love ... and Climbing Back In
Name Withheld

The Deacons Quorum

Becoming a Deacon
Laury Livsey

The Lesson I Remember Best!

When a Loved One Struggles with Addiction
Corrie Lynne Player

Visiting Teaching Message: Rejoice in the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Latter-day Saint Voices

Random Sampler

News of the Church

Making the Most of This Issue

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