April 2005

Volume 35, Number 4

Ensign, Apr. 2005
[illustration] Front cover: Christ in the Land Bountiful, by Simon Dewey

[illustration] Back cover: Christ Appearing in the Western Hemisphere, by Arnold Friberg

[illustration] Inside front cover: How Beautiful Thy Temple, Lord, by Leon Parson. How beautiful thy temples, Lord! Each one a sacred shrine, Where faithful Saints, with one accord, Engage in work divine. How beautiful some aid to give To dear ones we call dead, But who indeed as spirits live; They've only gone ahead (Hymns, no. 288). (Idaho Falls Idaho Temple; painting may not be copied.)

[illustration] Inside back cover: Behold the Man, by Simon Dewey. Courtesy of Altus Fine Art, American Fork, Utah; may not be copied


First Presidency Message: The Symbol of Our Faith
President Gordon B. Hinckley

And in Thy Presence Rest
Scott Swain

The Light of Christ
President Boyd K. Packer

Being Thankworthy
Geri Christensen

Strengthening the Family: Multiply and Replenish the Earth

Three Principles of Marriage
Matthew O. Richardson

The Wedding Reception
Martha P. Taysom

A Balanced Life
Brent L. Top

The Effective Elders Quorum
Elder Dale E. Miller

Thou Art the Man
Mark Staker

LaRene Porter Gaunt

Integrity and Values: A Discussion with Elder Robert D. Hales

Believing Is Seeing
Don L. Searle

Gospel Classics: Once or Twice in a Thousand Years
Elder Bruce R. McConkie

Visiting Teaching Message: Rejoice in the Restoration of the Priesthood and Priesthood Keys

The Winds That Blow
Jenna L. Staley

Messages from the Doctrine and Covenants: The Three Degrees of Glory
Elder B. Renato Maldonado

Messages from the Doctrine and Covenants: The Holy Sabbath
Elder C. Elmer Black

Latter-day Saint Voices

Random Sampler

News of the Church

Making the Most of This Issue

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