September 2006

Volume 36, Number 9

Ensign, Sept. 2006,
[photos] On the cover: Photographs by Welden C. Andersen, posed by models

[illustration] Inside front cover: Look to Your Children, by Minerva Teichert. Courtesy of Museum of Church History and Art, may not be copied. The artist gave this oil painting to the Relief Society in 1947 as her donation to the building fund for the Relief Society Building (see story on page 54). This painting shows the moments after Christ had blessed the little children, when angels "encircled those little ones about ... with fire; and the angels did minister unto them" (3 Ne. 17:24).

[illustration] Inside back cover: Father Lehi, by Glen S. Hopkinson. May not be copied.


First Presidency Message: The Father Who Cares
President James E. Faust

Latter-day Prophets Speak: The Sacred Role of Fathers

Sharing Family Heritage
Elder L. Tom Perry

Learning to Hear the Lord's Voice
Aaron L. West

"He Took My Shoe!"
Grace Brasse Pannell

For the Divorced Single Parent
Kaye Terry Hanson

Lessons from the Old Testament: Trust in the Lord Forever
Margaret S. Lifferth

Living in the Shadow of Death
Lois McCune Sewell

Fulfilling Our Duty to God: A Window of Opportunity
Charles W. Dahlquist II

She Shall Be Called Woman: Women of the Old Testament

Gospel Classics: Commitment to God
President Howard W. Hunter

Nicaragua: Hungering for the "Beautiful Fruit"
Don L. Searle

Visiting Teaching Message: Serving and Supporting Each Sister

The Relief Society Building: A Symbol of Service and Sacrifice
Heidi S. Swinton and LaRene Gaunt

I Tossed Your Name Aside
Name Withheld

Unforgettable Family Home Evenings

Let's Try Again!
Marianne Monson-Burton

Lessons from the Old Testament: Watchmen of the Lord
Elder Gary J. Coleman

Latter-day Saint Voices

Random Sampler

News of the Church

Making the Most of This Issue

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