Table of Contents

An Unending Conflict, a Victory Assured
Gordon B. Hinckley
A Firm Foundation in a Shaky World
Adam C. Olson
Gratitude for the Atonement
Wolfgang H. Paul
Gifts of the Spirit for Hard Times
Henry B. Eyring
On Your Own but Not Alone
Kimberly Webb
The Robbery
Sherrie Mackelprang
The Quest for Spiritual Knowledge
Robert S. Wood
Teaching and Being Taught
Richard G. Moore
Signs of Friendship
Melinda Riddle Kowalski
"For She Loved Much" (Luke 7:47): Women of the New Testament
Oil in Our Lamps
Lynn G. Robbins
Become an Instrument in the Hands of God by Standing Strong and Immovable
An Honored and Invited Guest
Naida Stephens Tims
Eight Japanese Brothers
Tadashi Kina
Supporting Your Bishop
Joseph Staples
New Religion, New Life
Gary J. Coleman and John M. Madsen
It Made Us a Family
Raquel M. Garcia-Rebutar
Latter-day Saint Voices
Random Sampler
Questions and Answers
News of the Church
Worldwide Leadership Training Meeting: Teaching and Learning
Principles of Teaching and Learning
Boyd K. Packer and L. Tom Perry
Teaching and Learning in the Church
Jeffrey R. Holland
Examples of Great Teachers
Thomas S. Monson