Table of Contents

The Peril of Hidden Wedges
Thomas S. Monson
Vicki F. Matsumori
Lay Hold upon the Word of God
Gary L. Pocock
All Charged Up
Paul VanDenBerghe
Burbank Boulevard: A Lesson in Unimportant Differences
J. Robert Nelson
From Iowa to Immortality: A Tribute to the Mormon Battalion
Lance B. Wickman
It's All Been Done
Loretta Evans
Tours and Testimonies
Andy Cargal
Too Busy to Share the Gospel?
Donna Pike Jones
Parables of the Master
Three Tools to Build a Sacred Home
Shirley R. Klein
Talking to Youth about Pornography
Dan Gray
This, the Greatest of All Dispensations
Jeffrey R. Holland
Become an Instrument in the Hands of God by Practicing Holiness
Time Stood Still
Joyce Hanson Wallin
Before You Lose It All ...
Jerry Mason
Mine Errand from the Lord
Rowland E. Elvidge
Latter-day Saint Voices
Random Sampler
News of the Church