Table of Contents

Inspirational Thoughts
Gordon B. Hinckley
Striving for Family Unity
Donald L. Staheli
The Mountain Meadows Massacre
Richard E. Turley Jr.
Renovating the Tabernacle
They Waited 2,000 Years
Bo S. Chung Jr.
My Conversion to Eternal Marriage
James Welch
The Power of Laughter
Gary K. Palmer
One for the Money
Marvin J. Ashton
Finances and Your Future: Tips for Young Single Adults
Donald N. Hester
That Their Burdens May Be Light
Troubled on Every Side, Yet Not Distressed
Ulisses Soares
Heading for Tokyo on the Wrong Side of the Road
Richard Ostergaard
Priesthood, Agency, and Black Powder
David E. Sorensen
Seek Learning by Faith
David A. Bednar
Become an Instrument in the Hands of God by Being of One Heart and One Mind
Latter-day Saint Voices
Random Sampler
News of the Church