Table of Contents

The Master Bridge Builder
Thomas S. Monson
The First Law of Heaven
William D. Oswald
The Prophet Joseph Smith, an Extraordinary Teacher
Jay E. Jensen
It All Began with You
Tom Roughley
Making Any Ward "Home"
Kathryn P. Fong
Not Just a Blanket
Julia A. Wagner
Questions, the Heart of Learning and Teaching
Brian Gudmundson
The Relief Society Lesson That Changed Our Family
Putting My Marriage before My Pride
Irene Eubanks
The Book of Mormon: The Great Purveyor of the Savior's Peace
Neil L. Andersen
"... And It Came to Pass"
Why Adoption?
Rebecca M. Taylor
Exercising the Soul
Marie E. Owens
Annette Candland Alger
Happily Living within Our Means
Our God Truly Is God
Douglas L. Callister
Jesus Christ Taught the Purpose of Our Life on Earth
Latter-day Saint Voices
Random Sampler
News of the Church