Table of Contents

Feeding His Lambs
Henry B. Eyring
In Bethlehem
Sharon Price Anderson
Our Son's Choices
After the Manner of Happiness
John B. Dickson
Spiders and Spiritual Help
Don L. Searle
Choosing Liberty and Eternal Life
Craig A. Cardon
Life-Changing Leadership
Band of Brothers
Joseph B. Wirthlin
Questions and Answers
Joseph and Emma's Family
Starting from Scratch
Constance Palmer Lewis
Helping Children Cope with Traumatic Situations
Janele Williams
About Trauma
Claigh H. Jensen
Changing Behavior-One Verse at a Time
Debra L. Adams
Beetle Traps and Scripture Study
Jana Troseth
Tempering Our Tempers
Douglas E. Brinley
A Battle of Pride
Dale Smith
Dating and the Eternal Perspective
Kimberly Reid
Living a Balanced Life
Robert F. Orton
The Family Is Central to the Creator's Plan
Latter-day Saint Voices
Random Sampler
News of the Church