Table of Contents

Be One
Henry B. Eyring
"My Dear and Beloved Companion": The Letters of Joseph and Emma Smith
Carol Cornwall Madsen
My Father, My Hero
Greg Hudnall
Spiritual Promptings
Toothpaste on the Mirror
Bryce R. Petersen
The Power of Diligent Learning
Jay E. Jensen
Chalk It Up to Learning
Robb Jones
Men of a Sound Understanding
Daniel K Judd
My Neigbor's Magazine
Laura Pilcher
Hope and Healing in Recovering from Abuse
Sarah E. Miller
A Time of Harvest
Be a Missionary All Your Life
Quentin L. Cook
Coming to Church, Becoming Converted
Dale M. Valentine
I Do My Part, and God Does the Rest
Jenny Piderit de la Maza
Casual Gratitude
Arlene Calkins
Primary Songs Blessed Me
Jennifer A. Lynn
Questions and Answers
Looking to the Lord
Mary N. Cook
The Gospel of Jesus Christ Teaches the Eternal Potential of the Children of God
Random Sampler
Latter-day Saint Voices
News of the Church
Ensign Reader Survey