Table of Contents

Developing Christlike Attributes
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Finding My Faith
Joshua J. Perkey
Lines, Levels, and Living the Gospel
Sandi Matlock Fairbanks
Finding What Was Missing
Michael R. Morris
Why Did the Lord Call Me?
Kimberlee B. Garrett
Scatter Sunshine
The Lord Can Ease Our Burdens
Maury W. Schooff
Abortion: An Assault on the Defenseless
Russell M. Nelson
Have Ye Inquired of the Lord?
John Hilton III
Pray Always
Stand Ye in Holy Places
President Harold B. Lee
Protecting Our Families in the Last Days
Richard J. Maynes
Living Prophets Spoke to Me
Preparing Yourself for Marriage
Eric B. Shumway
Gospel Doctrines: Anchors to Our Souls
Marlin K. Jensen
Latter-day Saint Voices
Gender Is an Essential Characteristic of Eternal Identity and Purpose
Feeding His Sheep through Visiting Teaching
Random Sampler
News of the Church