Table of Contents

Teaching True Doctrine
Henry B. Eyring
The Obligation of the Church
John A. Widtsoe
Kindling the Light of Hope
Michael R. Morris
An Educational Foundation for the Rest of My Life
Lindsey Spjut
Learning and Latter-day Saints
Dallin H. Oaks and Kristen M. Oaks
Education Was Our Answer
Sheralyn Mitchell
College to Career: Planning for Success
Guy M. Hollingsworth
Lessons Learned from Fathers
He Is Risen
What Does the Atonement Mean to You?
Cecil O. Samuelson Jr.
Reflections on the Savior's Last Week
Eric D. Huntsman
Behold the Wounds in Jesus' Hands
John V. Pearson
The Voice of the Good Shepherd
Sherry Cartwright Zipperian
Search the Scriptures Diligently
Fasting with Power
Shayne M. Bowen
Think About What You Are Thinking About
Bruce K. Fordham
Random Sampler
Latter-day Saint Voices
News of the Church