Table of Contents

The Influence of Righteous Women
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
We Were Both Blessed
Jennifer Coleman
Fidelity in Marriage: It's More Than You Think
Kenneth W. Matheson
Questions and Answers
This Is Our Religion, to Save Souls
Erich W. Kopischke
Lessons from Liberty Jail
Jeffrey R. Holland
Four Talks, Four Lives Changed
The Blessings of Sacrifice
Octaviano Tenorio
Tangible Testimonies
Heather L. Stock
One Family's Heritage of Service
Don L. Searle
Acting on Spiritual Promptings
The Saga of Revelation: The Unfolding Role of the Seventy
Earl C. Tingey
Understand and Live the Gospel of Christ
The Best Thing I Can Do for Leigh
Two Cans of Corn: Home Storage for Newlyweds
Allie Schulte
Random Sampler
Latter-day Saint Voices
News of the Church