Table of Contents

Finding Strength through Obedience
Thomas S. Monson
Guided by Modern Revelation
Larry W. Gibbons
A Temple-Going People
Ryan Carr
The Member-Missionary Effect
Don L. Searle
Finding and Sharing the Gospel Online
The New Gospel Art Book
Michael G. Madsen
Me? A Shepherd in Israel?
Daniel L. Johnson
The Blessings of Ministering
Giving the Past a Future: The New Church History Library
Meagan D. Lake
Blessings of the Temple
Robert D. Hales
My Privilege to Serve
Michael R. Morris
Temple Worship: "A Contagious Fire"
Joshua J. Perkey
In Search of My Dad-Online
Michael Otterson
Truths and Lies
Jennifer Nuckols
Freely Given, Gratefully Received
Tonja-Maree Davis
Nurture the Rising Generation
Random Sampler
Latter-day Saint Voices
News of the Church