Table of Contents

Moral Courage
Henry B. Eyring
Strengthening Faith in God the Father and Jesus Christ through Personal Scripture Study
Recognizing Gospel Light
Yulia Phares
The Holy Ghost Testifies of Truth
What Mothers Can Learn from the Savior
Amy M. Morgan
Digital Detachment and Personal Revelation
Scott D. Whiting
When Things Seemed Wrong
Lin Si-Chia
Why Pay Fast Offerings?
Neither Trust in the Arm of Flesh
Russell M. Nelson
Acceptable Service
David E. LeSueur
Learning through Life's Trials
Larry Richman
Trials and Testimony
Paul B. Pieper
Enduring Well
Emma Petty Addams
Home: A Sacred and Safe Haven
Two Words That Can Change Lives
Alice Ruth Drechsel
The Value of Experiencing and Expressing Gratitude
Vaughn E. Worthen
The Lord Truly Protected Us
Kevin D. Casper
The Law of the Fast
Robert L. Simpson
Lifted by the Lord's Love
Darrell Knight
Safe in His Hand
Latter-day Saint Voices
Small and Simple Things
Family Home Evening Ideas
180 Years Later, Book of Mormon Nears 150 Million Copies
New Guidelines Blessing Relief Society
Annual Pageants Begin with Mesa
Temple News
World Briefs
In Other Church Magazines
Picturing Fatherhood
Antonio Peluso