Table of Contents

A Great Work of God
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Seeking and Receiving Personal Revelation
He Will Take upon Him Their Infirmities
Jean A. Tefan
Meditation on the Sacrament
Stevens W. Anderson
He Is Risen
Thomas S. Monson
Confidence Tests: From Fear to Faith in the Marriage Decision
Lance B. Wickman
Making Temple Marriage a Priority
Vitaly and Ekaterina Shmakov
Making the Marriage Decision
Nephi's Story, My Story
Becoming a Quality Person Now
Marvin J. Ashton
The Atonement and Faith
Dallin H. Oaks
The Worth of a Teacher
Thomas S. Monson
I Need to Go to the Temple
Michael R. Morris
The Eternal Importance of Honesty
Richard J. Maynes
Let the Work of My Temple Not Cease
A Temple for Kona
R. Val Johnson
Fiji: The Fruits of Faith
Don L. Searle
The Certainty of the Resurrection
Spencer W. Kimball
Adoption: Including the Whole Family
Alison Baugh
Latter-day Saint Voices
Single Working Mom? There Is Hope!
Richard E. McDermott and Lindsey A. Reese
Dress for Less
Jane McBride Choate
Family Home Evening Ideas
Small and Simple Things
News of the Church
In Other Church Magazines
Sealed Sepulchres
David L. Frischknecht