Table of Contents

Canaries with Gray on Their Wings
Thomas S. Monson
Renewing Covenants through the Sacrament
Agency Is Essential to Our Eternal Progress
Power to Change
The Prodigal
Ronald Peterson
Positive Uses of the Internet
Elizabeth Stitt
Things as They Really Are
David A. Bednar
Called and Set Apart to Serve
Kenneth Johnson
Moving the Fountain
Jeffery Niven
Don't Be in a Hurry
John C. Thomas
My Temple Recommend Had Expired
Julie Wright
A Bountiful Harvest in Bardstown
Joshua J. Perkey
Seeing Beyond the Practical
Your Mission in Life Is Now
Jan Pinborough
Update Your Spiritual Status
Cambodian Latter-day Saints: Moving in a New Direction
Chad E. Phares
Pierced with Deep Wounds
Homebound but Active
Accepting and Giving Service
Alison Palmer
Questions and Answers
Latter-day Saint Voices
Small and Simple Things
Family Home Evening Ideas
News of the Church
In Other Church Magazines
Transparent Adversity
Felipe Urbina