Table of Contents

The Book of Mormon as a Personal Guide
Henry B. Eyring
Our Responsibility to Nurture the Rising Generation
Bringing Christ into Our Home
Cynthia Green
The Gospel Shall Be Preached to All the World
Growing Green Beans and Families
Forrest J. Nielson
Dating and Virtue
Elaine S. Dalton and David L. Beck
Waters of Life from the Rock
Don L. Searle
To Returned Missionaries
L. Tom Perry
That We Might Have Joy
Andrea Jones
Our Senior Missionaries
Kent D. Watson
Giving Children a Chance to Serve
Jenny Baker
Ten Scripture Study Tools
Using Relief Society Meetings to Teach and Inspire
Julie B. Beck
Hope in the Ordinances of the Gospel
Elias Magabo
Bridges of Friendship
Wendy L. Marshall
More Than a Missionary Guide
Melissa Merrill
Using          Preach My Gospel to Teach New Members        
Melissa Merrill
Finding the Lord in Tonga
Joshua J. Perkey
The First Mormon Tabernacle Choir Recordings, 1910
Richard E. Turley Jr.
Finding Hope after Divorce
The Church's Humanitarian Efforts: Discipleship in Action
Heather L. Stock and Larry Hiller
Family Home Evening Ideas
Latter-day Saint Voices
Small and Simple Things
News of the Church
In Other Church Magazines
Lessons from an Aquarium
Minerva G. Harkness