HP-2108A w/64k

Images: http://rikers.org/gallery/hardware-hp2108a


Original memory slot contents

Original IO slot contents

Broken IBL

Machine seems functional, but IBL will not load any data. It does set the overflow bit and set P to 177700 so something runs.

I tried moving the RAM around, and it seems to make no difference. After a bit of testing, I determined that the card edge connector on the ribbon cable from the front panel is bad. It's a 3M 3415-0001 50 pin .1" gold plated IDC card edge connector. If anyone wants to send me one, that'd be great. :) I swapped panels with the 2112, and now the 2108 IBL works, and the 2112 does not. :)

Replaced the cable on the front panel, and both are now operational.




Picked up a 59310-60101 "BUS INPUT/OUTPUT INTERFACE" to try interfacing with HP-IB / GP-IB / IEEE-488 systems. I don't yet have a cable, but I hope to pickup an HP-9122D to interface with soon.

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