Table of Contents

Faithful Friends
Henry B. Eyring
Strengthening Families and Homes
He Can Heal Any Wound
Sylvia Erbolato Christensen
The Journey
Heather Bergevin
Sexual Purity Blesses Our Lives
Dear Frieda
Finding a Home in the Gospel
Rozelle Hastwell Hansen
Choose the Temple
Richard M. Romney
A Tale of Three Families
Don L. Searle
Recognizing Righteous Leadership
Paul E. Koelliker
Blessed by My Calling
Judith Castillo Martelo
A Work for Us to Do
Russell T. Osguthorpe
To Fill the Earth
Sharing the Gospel with Confidence
M. Russell Ballard
What Did the Pioneers Bring?
Stephen L Richards
Road Warriors and Strong Families
Melissa Merrill
Spiritual Safety Tips for Frequent Travelers
Todd Hansen
Investing in the Golden Years
Lisa Barton and Heather Stock
Latter-day Saint Voices
Small and Simple Things
Family Home Evening Ideas
News of the Church
In Other Church Magazines
Fight, Flee, or Take the Blows?
R. Val Johnson